When Microsoft needed help managing an expanding volume of procurement contracts, they turned to Integreon. Over the course of more than 15 years, the Integreon team has implemented effective solutions for contract lifecycle management (CLM) that streamline operations while spearheading innovation in legal service delivery. Today, Integreon supports eight additional workstreams beyond contract reviews, including administrative and legal business support.

The result is an ongoing partnership that enables Microsoft to more effectively align its resources to drive business growth.

Why choose Integreon?

Ability to quickly scale up resources both onshore and offshore

Innovation programs, including automation design and implementation

shared services,
including project

Ability to create

Active participation in
Microsoft initiatives
to improve their
products and services

The partnership begins

In 2008, Microsoft was juggling an increasing volume of routine procurement along with more complex agreements, such as master services agreements and statements of work. Turnaround times for legal review averaged three days per contract, straining internal staff. To prevent procurement delays, Microsoft decided to adopt a new approach to contract review: centralizing the processing and management of high-volume, low-risk contracts with an external partner.

Following a review of alternative legal service providers (ALSPs), Microsoft chose Integreon. Working as an extension of Microsoft, the Integreon team set about reengineering the contracting processes and workflow while minimizing disruption to its internal team.


The best outsourced team we have at the company by far. The work you do all year is important and you do it at a level above any other provider.

Rob Greenall,

Director, CELA


This is the best support team at Microsoft. The amount of work, dedication, and customer-focus you all deliver is staggering, particularly during our busiest and most critical fiscal year-end cycles.

Tom Orrison, Sr.

Director, CELA

Expanding the partnership

Building on these early successes, Integreon continued to expand its partnership with Microsoft, bringing new services and innovations to its contract practice over the years. Highlights include:

• Taking over the internal Help Desk and providing a one-stop shop for contracting services within Microsoft

• Assisting in the selection and implementation of a new CLM platform and providing administrative and intake support for the platform, handling contract review, data abstraction and migration of 22,000 agreements to the CLM platform

• Expanding services to Integreon’s teams in India and in the Philippines to support Asia Pacific region (APAC) operations



• Scaling up to support an increased volume of contract reviews triggered by new data protection and privacy regulations

• Expanding a subject matter expert (SME) support team

• Managing new contract types processed through a new intake tool and new Microsoft audit policies

• Implementing a variety of innovation projects and tools based on arti icial intelligence (AI)

Embracing innovation

From the beginning, Microsoft and Integreon adopted new systems and technologies to drive progress. Throughout the engagement, Integreon has worked to support and maximize Microsoft’s tools—including its automated contract Help Desk as well as using new technologies, such as robotic process automation (RPA) and AI.

• 30% volume decrease in matter management due to automation efforts by the AskCELA team partnering with Microsoft Engineering

• Year-over-year improvement in service-level agreements (SLAs) for Admin and Legal Procurement support due to improved workflow efficiency

• 99% quality average, year over year

• 4.8 out of 5 stars average customer survey feedback scores

These and other initiatives have helped realize continuous improvement in performance for Microsoft’s contract operations.

Integreon performance

99%+ of all requests completed without
any escalation

Average contract review turnaround
time within 24-48 hours

Request for signatures completed within 2 hours on average

Contracts stored within 4 hours of
signature on average

Help-desk requests responded to and
resolution under 24 hours on average

70+ associates trained on AI-powered
copilots for efficiency gains

Process improvement examples

Bulk upload automation

Problem: Microsoft manually created hundreds of contracts in Icertis Application for bulk upload requests.

Solution: Integreon designed a robotic process automation (RPA) solution using Power Automate Desktop to streamline repetitive tasks and business processes.

Impact: Increased efficiency and quality by 50% to 60% with minimal manual input required.

Purchase Order (PO) approval automation

Problem: Manual PO approval process response times averaged 90 to 120 minutes.

Solution: Integreon designed a solution using Azure Logic Apps/Power Automate, Teams, and SharePoint to fire alerts based on specific events in AdobeSign.

Impact: Improved PO Approval response times by 80%, averaging 10 to 15 minutes.

Escalations tool

Problem: Escalation communication between Integreon and Microsoft was done through emails.

Solution: Integreon designed a Power Apps portal to collaborate between Microsoft SMEs and Integreon’s internal team on escalations. Features include raising, routing, tracking escalation status, collaboration, documentation and live notifications.

Impact: Increased efficiency by 50% in managing escalations
over a year.

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