CLM Platform Success Packs

CLM Platform Success Packs:
tailored to your CLM journey

You have just implemented your CLM system. Now the journey really begins. Our CLM Packs are designed to help you reach peak performance.

CLM platforms have been attracting plenty of investment from corporate law departments with the promise of digital transformation. But they are also notoriously challenging; getting a total return on that investment takes a lot of work. Integreon has designed a portfolio of CLM success packages, which deliver the post-implementation support required to ensure that the processes, tools, systems, and people work together as intended.

Contract Success Packs

The Challenge

There are many reasons why a contract lifecycle management project can feel like an entire mountain range to climb, with the peaks just getting higher:

In-house teams burdened with CLM process admin activities, such as:

No access to informed decision-making because:

Struggling with system adoption and change management because of the:

Where to find help

Most companies deploying a CLM system invest in the initial implementation. The big mistake is in thinking that the project is a one-time event. In reality, contract lifecycle management is a continuing process, imposing an ongoing effort on the organization that requires both resource and expertise to handle. Underestimating that effort or trying to support it within the existing legal team is one of the major reasons why CLM implementations are so frequently attacked for their poor success rates.

Bottom line: a CLM tool is not a plug-and-play solution, but an organizational transformation. Finding the resources and expertise to support that transformation within your organization can be a daunting prospect – doing so may not be realistic, let alone cost-effective.

Partnering with the right service provider can guarantee that the required know-how and staffing are available to produce the targeted value on budget.

Service Pack Starter

What every CLM needs to succeed is now available in a defined, affordable services Pack. This is what you will find in every CLM Pack:

Post-Deployment Management:

Data Management:

System Adoption:


2023 Chambers and Partners Leading Firm

Integreon has been chosen as the Chambers And Partners 2023 leading firm in:

  • Asia-Pacific Region Alternative Legal Service Providers
  • Global-wide Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Global-wide Litigation Services

The right CLM Pack will get you to your destination

You can choose from one of our existing Packs or work with us to build a solution that fits your organization’s needs, depending on your company size, languages, resource mix, or your phase in the post-implementation journey.

Bronze monthly benefits

Silver monthly benefits

Gold monthly benefits

Take our CLM Effectiveness Assessment Survey by clicking below and you can get an immediate assessment outline with recommendations for maximizing your CLM system and investment. Share your experience with CLM implementation and, in return, get valuable suggestions and insights on how to start or continue your path to CLM success.

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    A Comprehensive Solution for CLM Platform Management

    Integreon provides a complete solution for ongoing CLM platform support, including:

    Post-Deployment Management:

    Data Management:

    System Adoption:

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