Innovation, ingenuity, and new ideas
conceived, developed, and delivered by i-Lab

The world in which we operate is competitive and ever-changing requiring vision and expertise to see around the corner and anticipate a better way. i-Lab, Integreon’s center for innovation and technology enablement does just that.

i-Lab complements Integreon’s subject matter experts with a range of skilled resources from automation experts, ML-based platform developers, Six Sigma black belts, process experts, statisticians, data scientists, and business analysts.


Working in collaboration with Integreon’s subject matter experts and clients, i-Lab identifies innovative approaches to address challenges and establish a better way, resulting in increased efficiency, speed, quality, and accuracy.

i-Lab is technology agnostic and works with delivery teams and clients to find optimal tech solutions considering internal and external factors. This can include selecting and customizing available technologies to developing and deploying custom platforms.

Meet the Integreon i-Lab team

The i-Lab approach is holistic, taking into consideration and assessing several key factors including expressed and tacit demands, current and future processes, best-in-class, evolving trends, emerging or bespoke technology, as well as change management needs. This is made possible given the skillsets and resources within the team that are both deep and broad and continue to evolve reflecting the competitive and fast-moving landscape in which we operate in.

In partnership with clients and Integreon’s delivery teams, i-Lab aims to help find a better way by building automation platforms, driving transformation programs, and enabling digitization and process enhancements.

Automation Platforms

Our process and automaton experts work with clients and delivery teams to diagnose the current process, identify any issues with respect to process, and find ways to address these challenges.

Often such problems are resolved through development of bespoke automation solutions, wherein our teams work closely with clients to ensure deployment and acceptance.

Transformation Programs

i-Lab’s “Innovation Squad” is deployed to help support and further evolve Integreon’s managed services offerings for many of our large clients. This helps us maintain a cutting edge and enables our clients to anticipate and address future challenges and needs.

To this end, i-Lab collaborates with business team members and follows a structured process to work with client stakeholders to scope the problem and establish the “need for change”, undertake a diagnostic assessment to identify “what needs fixing”, evaluate “how can we fix” options leading to solutioning, followed by deployment of chosen solution.

This approach applied to tenured and new managed services engagements has led to launch of many transformational technology development initiatives.

Digitization and Process Enhancements

Our team of data analysts and PowerBI experts work with our delivery teams and clients to digitize and automate internal and external metric dashboards to eliminate manual error-prone processes and enable quicker decision making and interventions.



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