Cyber Incident Response

Ensure compliance
quickly and efficiently

Mitigate reputational risk with a cyber-specific approach. When a cyberattack results in a breach of sensitive data, responding quickly, completely, and correctly is essential to protect an organization’s brand and bottom line. Integreon can provide a market-leading Cyber Incident Response solution from data mining through breach notification that minimizes compliance risk and cost. Our solution builds on Integreon’s 20+ year track record of helping clients meet complex, data-driven challenges.

Cyber Incident Response

Speed to compliance, without compromising quality or completeness

Integreon has completed more than 5,000 engagements across a wide array of industries including healthcare, technology, retail, financial services, and telecoms to name just a few. This extensive experience has given us deep knowledge of protected personal data, resulting in proven, highly efficient, cyber-specific processes that enable Integreon to accurately estimate the cost and timeframe for completion—from data mining through breach notification.

The Data Breach Response Model (DBRM)

The EDRM has provided the legal industry with a framework for the review and production of documents for disputes and investigations. We have seen how the techniques and methodologies adopted by eDiscovery professionals have been adapted to help organizations respond to data breach incidents – particularly in the review and extraction of personal information. In the same way that the EDRM has guided so many through the landscape of eDiscovery, we hope that the DBRM will provide a guide to the complexities of data breach response.
DBRM chart
DBRM chart
DBRM chart
Our data mining experts cull through large volumes of raw breach data to identify relevant data sets that require notification. We go beyond limited keyword search approaches, blending human expertise with advanced analytics, examining datasets at a deeper level to zero in on relevant files. Multiple QC checks help ensure accuracy, minimizing the risk of missing critical findings.

We save you time and money, reducing the volume of data requiring manual review.
Employing a customized workflow, Integreon creates a consolidated entity list of individuals and companies and the compromised data. Our resolution process efficiently identifies and consolidates entities - including nicknames, initials, and other cultural and linguistic variations—in accordance with the organization’s preferences. We then create a notification list template clearly defining reportable data and the method of reporting.

We deliver notification lists quickly, minimizing waste by eliminating redundancies.
Integreon provides a streamlined Notification process that will allow each consumer to receive a personalized letter with their detailed impacted information to easily understand the extent of exposure. Integreon also validates and updates addresses for deliverability, as well as takes steps to reduce redundant over notification to the end consumer. Further, if an address is unable to be provided or additional research needs to be conducted to obtain a valid address, Integreon can provide an address search by name and Social Security number.

National Change of Address > Address Validation > Print Quality Control > Print Staging and Mailing
Integreon provides access to a fully staffed US-based English language call center ready to take calls related to your Notification. Agents are trained based on the Frequently Asked Questions provided with additional feedback provided once training has begun to further clarify or address potential questions. Call center agents will be available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time Monday through Friday, excluding US holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions > Agent Training > Consumer Assistance
Integreon provides access to Credit Monitoring services through Iris® Powered by Generali. The monitoring partnership includes access to monitoring services, insurance, and in the event an individual experience’s identity theft, identity theft restoration agents.

Activate Monitoring Services > Monitor Credit Report > Receive Monitoring Alert for Fraud > Receive Identity Theft Assistance


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