Since 2003, Integreon and its employees have supported numerous educational, healthcare, social awareness and environmental initiatives around the world. When everyone at Integreon gives even just a little time and effort, the combined impact is quite profound, and not only benefits the people in our communities, but also enriches our own lives as well.

Our Four Areas of Focus


We work to support educational opportunities in our communities by helping local scholastic organizations obtain the resources and equipment they need to help students achieve their academic potential.

Social Awareness

We strive to increase our understanding of problems in the communities around us by raising awareness of those issues and giving support to those who face hardships. We believe that with greater awareness comes a deeper understanding that leads to better solutions.


Integreon is a people-oriented business. We support efforts to promote the health and welfare of our local communities, and assist organizations that enrich people’s lives, creating a stronger and healthier world.


We are committed to doing business in ways that are good for the planet. We endeavor to help protect the environment by raising awareness, ensuring the sustainability of our programs and conducting our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.

Our core Values

We are guided by a set of shared values that influence everything we do—including our commitment to social responsibility. Learn more about our Core Values.

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