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Making AI/generative AI as-a-service so seamlessly integrated into our offerings that it is easy for our customers to buy, consume, and get better results.

How to recognize

"AI Washing"?

“AI Washing” refers to the practice of simply relabeling traditional data analytics and automation methods to AI or generative AI.How do you recognize “AI Washing”? Just like you learn the authentic banknote, instead of studying the fake banknote to recognize the counterfeit, it helps to clearly understand the key terms like AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning and where Generative AI fits in.

MIT Computer Science program “Introduction to Deep Learning” has just about the most concise and brief definition:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Any technique that enables computers to mimic human behavior
  2. Machine Learning: Ability to learn without explicitly being programmed
  3. Deep Learning: Extract patterns from data using neural networks

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, which is a subset of artificial intelligence. Generative AI is a form of deep learning, but NOT the only form of deep learning.

Elevating the skill set of our people

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Integreon's CoPilot Global User Group (CGUP). This group is created by our employees and for our employees to share best practices and ideas related to prompt engineering, use cases, information security, governance, and more. We learn and support each other as a community.

By elevating the skill set of our people, we outlearn and outperform as a part of our comprehensive AI/generative AI strategy.

Here are some of the “101-AI use cases” that Integreon has already deployed in our legal, compliance, and business services

Case Study: GenAI-enabled deposition summary analysis

Benefits of shifting to a genAI-enabled deposition summary delivery model

Law360 Pulse: A Model for Optimal Legal Tech Investment Strategy

Legal Support asked lawyers and legal professionals what legal tech trends emerged during the year.

GenAI works best when there is an actual Human in the Loop

The power of generative artificial intelligence (genAI) reveals itself through new use cases, applications, and platforms

101 AI Use Cases From Some of the World's Leading Organizations

Anywhere you see text (e.g., contract, eDiscovery), image, audio, and video, there is potential for AI/generative AI to aid in the human aspects of the workflow.

After a dozen AI/generative AI use cases, Integreon has refined the process to craft an AI/generative AI solution across our service offerings. Apart from the commercial models, we thoughtfully validate and select LLM(s), protect data and privacy, and execute AI models for accuracy, performance, and efficiency (e.g., run time cost).

What is our ambition? To make AI/generative AI as-a-service so seamlessly integrated into our offerings that it is easy for our customers to buy, consume, and get better results.

John Wei

Chief Technology Officer,
Executive Vice President

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