A new world of
speed, efficiency,
and accuracy.

Global contracts infrastructure and generative AI (genAI) capabilities provide unmatched delivery for low to mid-complexity matters.

    Expertise powered by generative AI (genAI)

    As the first alternative legal services providers (ALSP) to offer a fully generative AI-led approach with the use of Leah by ContractPodAi, we help our clients transform contract management and processes, including intake, review, drafting, negotiation, signature, storage, and post-execution obligations management.

    Smaller teams

    Leah empowers our associates to do more with
    lower headcount

    Faster delivery

    Review, summarize, and analyze massive volumes of documents and data at lightning speed

    Better accuracy

    Leah offers incredible accuracy rates while our
    subject matter experts provide quality assurance
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    Integrated services and technology framework

    Transactions Managed Services

    • Cost-effective contract creation, risk review, drafting, redlining, negotiation, execution, and storage
    • Contract administration support
    • Contracting platform management

    Contract Data Solutions

    • Data cleansing and migration
    • Risk review and data abstraction
    • M&A workloads – due diligence, post-acquisition contracts consolidation
    • New playbook generation and template harmonization


    • Regulatory compliance assessments across high-volume document estates
    • Tech enablement and management for compliance program workflows

    Expert AI quality team ensures efficient, compliant, and secure usage of Leah legal copilot

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    Quickly complete large tasks


    Accomplish more with a smaller team


    High-quality execution for your projects

    Easy to procure, onboard, use, and scale

    Effortless acquisition

    Procure under a master services agreement and avoid complex internal IT procurement pathways. 

    Unbeatable cost-savings

    Consistently competitive pricing for tech-enabled legal and compliance support, with multiple pricing models available.

    Fully supported

    We handle all the tech support and deployment activities – everything is bundled into our service.

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