Integreon will utilize ContractPodAi’s Leah Legal Copilot to power its offerings, adopting a fully generative AI-led approach for both its outsourced legal and business services delivery.

LONDON, UK – December 5, 2023 – ContractPodAi, a leading and innovative provider of solutions in the contract lifecycle management and legal technology market, announced today that Integreon, a leading provider of tech-enabled legal, creative and business outsourced solutions, has selected Leah Legal Copilot to power its suite of services. As a result, Integreon is now the first alternative legal services provider (ALSP) to adopt a fully generative AI-led approach.

Over the last two years, ALSPs have grown by 45% into a $20.6 billion industry, primed for innovation. For 25 years, Integreon has been dedicated to supporting clients across a wide range of services while integrating new technologies and automated programs as they become more prevalent in the market. With Leah, Integreon clients will benefit from generative AI and its ability to streamline services and deliver even more efficiency. This is especially the case in areas of high-volume work with low or medium complexity, where Integreon will directly impact ROI with better scalability and productivity gains.

“For more than two decades, ALSPs have relied on the same delivery method. Today, with the help of Leah by ContractPodAi, Integreon is more than just a market leader – we are a market disruptor,” said Subroto Mukerji, Integreon CEO. “We are proud to be the first provider to embrace a generative AI delivery model designed to provide value-based and scalable solutions in the next evolution of legal services.”

On top of fueling its current legal and compliance solutions, Leah will also allow Integreon to support its enterprise clients to implement a generative AI strategy identifying use cases and building pilot programs. Integreon will also integrate generative AI across its corporate functions to reap the benefits of enhanced processes and increased productivity.

“We are thrilled to be a part of ushering in this fundamental transformation with Integreon,” said Sarvarth Misra, co-founder and CEO of ContractPodAi. “This is a game-changer, and it represents that Leah and Integreon are taking the ALSP delivery model to the future. The ALSP market has seen some generative AI pilot projects, but nothing close to this degree of enterprise-wide business transformation. Our goal with Leah has been to reimagine the way legal services are delivered, which is exactly what we’re seeing Integreon do with this technology. The future is here and it’s legal, reimagined.”

Leah is a cutting-edge AI solution designed to empower legal teams and law firms to enhance their work with productivity gains. Enabled by generative AI and multiple, best-in-class LLMs such as GPT-4 Turbo and Google, it revolutionizes the way legal documents are reviewed, analyzed, summarized, created, and interconnected.

ContractPodAi is accelerating the future of digital transformation in the legal space by providing a full, enterprise-grade tech stack of legal work solutions, powered by generative AI, including Leah, its Legal Intake solution, and its all-in-one CLM platform.

About ContractPodAi

Recognized as a Visionary by Gartner in 2021, 2022, and 2023, ContractPodAi is on a mission to transform the way the world makes agreements. Lawyer-led and AI-powered, our ‘One Legal Platform’ was developed by attorneys as a solution for legal teams. Now, more than ever, it’s clear legal teams aren’t the only ones struggling with insurmountable workloads and complex contracts. That’s why we’ve spent over a decade evolving our AI and CLM to offer an all-in-one platform where teams take charge of their contract management process and our new generative AI-powered Leah Legal Copilot to provide super-powered support for Legal Teams.

ContractPodAi amplifies your business’s readiness through our partnerships with complementary technology providers including Microsoft, OpenAi, DocuSign and Salesforce. ContractPodAi® is headquartered in London and has global offices in New York, Glasgow, Sydney, Mumbai, and Toronto.

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About Integreon

Integreon is the trusted, global provider of legal, creative and business outsourced services to corporations and law firms seeking to expand their capabilities and transform their performance. The company’s 3,500+ professionals provide expert support across a range of managed services—from creative design, content delivery and administrative support to legal and compliance. With global delivery centers on three continents, Integreon delivers round-the-clock service in 50+ languages and is deeply committed to client success, consistently delivering innovative, tech-enabled solutions that improve agility and efficiency to drive business performance. Integreon is owned by EagleTree Capital, a leading New York-based middle-market private equity firm with over $5 billion of assets under management.

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