Benefits of shifting to a
genAI-enabled deposition summary delivery model



Personal injury law firm.



Firms’ traditional approach to deposition summaries lacked the ability to scale, standardized processes, centralized quality control, and a tech platform designed for large-volume hosting and review.



Analyze the cost, resources, and time required for deposition summary using three different delivery models to determine and quantify impact.

The following provides the evolution and an overview of each of the three models for handling deposition summary.



The efficiency gains and cost savings realized from a tech-enable deposition summary model.


Compared to more traditional models, incorporating genAI technology to handle deposition summaries reduces the time to complete by 66% and cost by 75%-90% depending on attorney and paralegal hourly rates while also providing standardized prompt protocol and human QC from a senior Integreon reviewer.

Integreon document review services

Technology-enabled, unparalleled expertise, and cost predictability. When faced with litigation, disputes, arbitration, investigations, or due diligence, there are many unknowns. Your review processes and cost should not be a source of concern. Corporations and law firms around the world choose Integreon as their go-to review services partner.

With 3,500+ employees and delivery centers on three continents, Integreon can handle any size review project anywhere. We can deploy onshore, offshore, or multi-shore resources using a “follow the sun” model to meet your deadline and budget needs.

Integreon’s range of review services include:

• ECA and Search Term Optimization
• First and second-level review
• Audio, media, and chat review
• Redactions

• Privilege review and privilege log
• Unitization & Objective Coding
• Witness & deposition preparation, trial support
• Chronologies, summaries & dramatis personae

• DSAR Support
• Law Firm Process Optimization and Improvement
• eDiscovery Consultancy and eDiscovery Services (powered by our trusted partners)