Many organizations and their internal teams deal with repetitive tasks that can put a damper on productivity, growth, and job satisfaction.  

Turning to an external resource to share the workload and streamline processes can alleviate these pain points. However, choosing which outsourcing provider to use can be an overwhelming task. The key is to find the right fit – matching your needs with a partner you can trust. 

1. Decide what to outsource

Certain types of work are more easily outsourced than others. Think about your most repeatable and template-driven projects – like PowerPoint presentations, RFPs, KYC research and data entry. 

2. Define the scope

Do you need help with a standalone project or ongoing support? Most small one-off projects can be handled internally or by freelance contractors, but large-scale projects and regular overflow work are prime opportunities to leverage an outsourcing provider who can deliver skilled experts to complete the work. 

3. Communicate with your team

Overcoming internal resistance to outsourcing starts with communication. Make sure you have buy in from senior executives and then convey the benefits outsourcing will provide to your entire team. Highlight the advantages that will impact your team the most – such as improved efficiency and more time to focus on engaging work. 

4. Select a point person

Outsourcing is most successful with a dedicated team liaison in place to serve as the communication point between your team and the outsourcing provider. Establishing a central point person also helps ensure that the outsourcing team is properly trained and understands the business – resulting in better work product overall. 

5. Leverage technology

Monitoring analytics and regular reporting are key factors for successful outsourcing and help ensure accountability and timely communication. Look for a tech-savvy partner with versatile and robust reporting who is able to customize processes to measure your unique KPIs. 

Taking the time to find the right partner for your team is essential for successfully incorporating outsourcing solutions into your workflow. 

A partner who fits your unique needs and provides results you can trust will help you achieve your budget goals, streamline your processes, and reclaim valuable time.