Law Enforcement Compliance

Process and analyze information requests from U.S. and international law enforcement agencies pertaining to user data involved in criminal investigations. Countries supported include: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain,…

Third-Party Subpoena Compliance

Apply Six Sigma methodologies and third-party subpoena experience to revise and refine detailed workflows, address the current backlog, and implement a long-term solution to improve the overall speed and efficiency…

Helping a renowned sports brand win the Contract Management Race

A leader in the sports marketplace with global operations generates a continuous stream of contracts and agreements with vendors and other external parties, posing a major workflow challenge for its U.S. Legal department. Recognizing the problem, the company’s assistant general counsel needed a solution to optimize efficiency for its high-volume contract operations.

Case Study – Manufacturing

Find out how a Fortune 500 manufacturing company was able to face the complexity of ground water contamination litigation including need for multi-language capabilities.