Expert-led early case assessment (ECA) enhanced by tech drives cost savings and speed



Global Investment Bank



The client was subject to a complex global regulatory investigation with the initial phase of the project involving review of 210,000+ documents. Reviewers were required to categorize relevant documents into 30+ issue categories, which were not mutually exclusive. The review was urgent as data had been seized by the regulator as part of the investigation.



The client was not comfortable using an active learning workflow for the initial phase of the review. Instead, Integreon
conducted an early case assessment (ECA) utilizing a combination of manual searches and analytics on a priority set to help identify non-responsive material ahead of the review kick off. The Integreon team quickly created sample sets for counsel’s consideration along with an analysis of each set including why the Integreon team felt it could be excluded from review.



Counsel agreed with Integreon’s analysis which reflected excluding 20% of the initial volume of documents.

The Integreon team was able to complete the first level review faster, delivering time and cost savings to the client. The same exclusions were also implemented for all additional phases of review, expediting each phase for the duration of the project.