Large data migration project sees
53% productivity gain using gen AI


Global Fortune 500 data company



With a new contract lifecycle management (CLM) system. the client had the daunting task of migrating over100,000
documents to the new platform and abstracting and populating 150 fields.



Client selected Integreon contracts migration services which include use of Leah Legal Copilot bringing added efficiency
and cost-savings.

The following highlights the benefits and savings of a generative artificial intelligence (gen AI)-enabled contracts data migration

Key Takeaways

Productivity Gain

53% increase with use of genAI.

Easy to Implement

Ready-to-go with pre-trained data.

No Licensing

Technology integrated as part of Integreon service.

Quality Assurance

Trained attorneys and legal engineers overseeing QC.

Strict Security Policy

Complete destruction of data after project completion.

Cost Savings

About Integreon Contract Management Services

Transform your Contract Lifecycle Management Process

Transactions lifecycle support

Reduce cost, drive efficiency, and free up the capacity of your in-house team with Integreon’s CLM solutions. Our platform supports corporate transactions function across industries, continents, and complexity levels, offering both scalability and continuous improvement.

More than anything else, Integreon is a delivery organization. We deliver innovative contract support services with the highest levels of quality assurance. And we do it cost-effectively.

Global platform

With delivery hubs operating from the US, UK, India and the Philippines, Integreon manages the contracting process for clients around the clock and in over 50 languages. Our multi-disciplinary organization deploys scaled, global staffing through an ISO certified delivery infrastructure, providing end-to-end support for transactions activity—from first-pass contract review to negotiation and closure.

Data-driven and
continuously improving

Integreon's customizable CLM dashboards and pattern analysis optimize transaction management. Our Business Excellence Support Team combines legal tech and process optimization expertise for a Six Sigma-based continuous improvement program, incorporating automation and analytics. As a result, our solutions streamline every aspect of contract lifecycle management, reducing costs and minimizing risks.

Scalable partnership

Whether your contracts department needs just a few extra hands on deck or a significant extension of capacity to manage whole categories of transactions with a non-strategic profile, Integreon offers a partnership that will scale according to your needs and evolve with your business over time.

Our Contract Lifecycle Management solutions are tailored, not templated, and we work hard to ensure that your experience with our service is easy and escalation free. We are flexible, responsive, and reliable, offering everything the legal department’s leadership would expect of their own team.