Join Integreon at Cyber Risk & Insurance Innovation USA!

Integreon is excited to sponsor the upcoming Cyber Risk & Insurance Innovation conference in Chicago May 29th – 30th. This event will bring together all of the stakeholder in cyber insurance for a productive discussion delving deep into the crucial topics such as the threat landscape, war exclusions, systemic risk and market conditions, while tackling how to navigate the SME sector, the legal maze reshaping cyber insurance, the game-changing role of AI and the power of data in risk analysis.

Expert Panel Discussion

Overcome Systemic Risk and Assess Market Preparedness Through Collaborative Cyber Defenses

Thursday, May 30th at 11:55am – 12:40pm

  • Dive into systemic cyber exposure and assess the market’s preparedness for systemic events, promote market-wide threat assessment and shared cybersecurity best practices to enhance sector resilience through collaborative defenses.
  • Get on top of accumulation risk and understand best practices for measuring and safeguarding against widespread exposure, utilize AI analytics and scenario-based testing to stabilize premiums and achieve sustained growth.
  • Bridge the protection gap and determine the accuracy of tools such as threat intelligence and vulnerability scans, prioritize cutting-edge technology and cybersecurity firm partnerships to reduce unexpected claims and ensure long-term sustainability.


Crystal Boch, Aon
Lou Botticelli, Markel
Anshu Gupta, Integreon

Connect with Integreon

Integreon will be on site all week and would welcome the opportunity to connect. Reach out to our cyber experts ahead of the event to set up a meeting to connect with us in person. To set up a meeting, please reach out to Brian Duke.