Right Brain + Left Brain = Visual Creativity Produced Daily Delivered On Time, On Brand and On Budget

The theory that people are primarily either left-brained (more analytical and methodical) or right-brained (more artistic or creative) has provoked discussion for many years. However, the theory is founded on the premise that one side of the human brain is dominant while the other is less capable. Global Head of Business Enablement Services, Murray Joslin and Vice President of Business Enablement Services, Ricky Sanjana explain how at Integreon we have proven you can be both!

Did Someone Say Force Majeure?

Act of God, call it what you will, this clause is now front and center requiring organizations to assess the impact within the context of both their current and future contracts and the potential for resulting supply chain, service and vendor failures.

Top Five Ways to Improve Your Subpoena Processing

RISK & COMPLIANCE Top Five Ways to Improve Your Approach to Subpoena Processing Organizations that receive, process, and respond to large volumes of 3rd-party subpoenas and other information requests often are challenged by not having an established end-to-end workflow and…

Regulatory & Compliance Readiness: The Struggle is Real

With multiple regulatory and compliance events happening and more on the horizon, companies of all sizes and complexity are having to quickly respond and adhere to new rules and requirements. In turn, organizations are rethinking how they achieve and maintain compliance through sound readiness strategies and planning.

Podcast with Ari Kaplan – The Rapid Transformation to a Remote Global Workforce

Bob Rowe and Jamie Berry spoke with Ari Kaplan to discuss the technology and workflow strategies necessary to rapidly transform a global company into a completely remote workforce, how to effectively protect client-sensitive documents and communications in that environment, and where the legal industry is headed in light of the current crisis.

COVID-19: Integreon Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

SOLUTIONS COVID-19: Integreon Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Related Services All Case Studies Solutions What We Do Who We Are Podcasts Risk & Compliance Legal Services Contract Lifecycle Management Business Enablement Services Solutions COVID-19: Integreon Business Continuity Plan (BCP) read more…

Practical Advice on effectively managing third-party subpoena processing

If not correctly managed, the third-party subpoena can become a legal departments worst case scenario with ever-increasing volume of incoming subpoena, limited to shrinking resources, and the increasing cost of complying. Robert Daniel, Senior Director and Lorna Synan, Strategic Sourcing Manager address these pain points in their recent podcast sharing best practices and insights on how to effectively and efficiently manage third-party subpoenas.

Tame the third-party subpoena monster with a sound compliance process

In-house counsel for financial services companies, welcome to your ongoing nightmare– the third-party subpoena. Left unattended, this monster can drain corporate resources while masquerading as a necessary cost of business. It’s time to wake up, weaponized, and get this creature under control.

Distinguishing Responses to Cyber Incidents and Data Breaches

RISK & COMPLIANCE Distinguishing Responses to Cyber Incidents and Data Breaches I spoke with Jamie Berry, the litigation business unit leader at Integreon, a global provider of managed services. We discussed Integreon’s new Cyber Incident Response initiative, how cyber incident…