Who is Doing My Document Review and Where?

Authors: Jamie Berry

The global pandemic-driven Work from Home (WFH) transformation has completely changed the way legal document review is managed. Due to teleworking conditions created by COVID-19, legal service providers obtained rapid…

Cowen Cafe Interviews with Jamie Berry

Authors: Jamie Berry

Interview 1: Executive Vice President of Legal Services, Jamie Berry speaks with David Cowen on the importance of being a trusted partner guiding our clients through their challenges in response…

Podcast with Ari Kaplan – The Rapid Transformation to a Remote Global Workforce

Speakers: Jamie Berry

Bob Rowe and Jamie Berry spoke with Ari Kaplan to discuss the technology and workflow strategies necessary to rapidly transform a global company into a completely remote workforce, how to effectively protect client-sensitive documents and communications in that environment, and where the legal industry is headed in light of the current crisis.