what’s in your BCP plan?

That is why banks and other financial institutions turn to Integreon and its global team of highly skilled attorneys, researchers, consultants, bankers, CFA’s and MBA’s qualified associates to provide comprehensive KYC and AML support for new and ongoing third-party due-diligence activities.

Our ‘follow-the-sun’ delivery model and foreign language capabilities help clients gain peace of mind that their global network of customers, as well as suppliers, are in compliance with regulatory requirements such as Dodd Frank, AML regulations, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), UK Bribery Act, and Data Privacy regulations.

Essential questions to ask your ASLP

What technologies are used to ensure a secure work from home environment?

How is quality and productivity monitored?

How many professionally accredited resources are available and able to work remotely and collaboratively?

How is confidentiality of work product and related materials maintained and enforced?

Is there a BCP plan in place and how has it performed?

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