Contracting services

Contract management should be a business enabler not an inhibitor

Many organizations struggle to efficiently manage their contracts from negotiation to completion, resulting in poor visibility, non-compliance, increased risk, inefficiencies and slow completion cycles.

Integreon can help.

Integreon’s expertise and willingness to innovate allows me to deliver increased efficiency to my key internal clients, our attorneys, so they can focus on higher-value work.
Assistant General Counsel-Legal Business, Operations, and Strategy at Microsoft Corporation

Unlock the value of contracts

Our contract management solutions help procurement and legal departments create centers of excellence and help deliver more value to the businesses they support:

Improve and control financial impact

Mitigate and manage risk

Control contracting costs and resources effectively

Protect competitive advantage

Facilitate external relationships

Ensure business controls and compliance

Improve business productivity and cadence

Contracting Assessment and Solutioning Process

Our contract lifecycle transformation methodology is built from years of experience supporting organizations of all sizes and complexity:


Gather and assess contracts, map current contracting processes and identify opportunities, preferences and risks

Assess contracting process maturity and complexity review gaps and identify improvement opportunities

Prepare high-level future state process map and develop implementation plan for technology and alternative resources

Install agreed upon technology-enabled and human capital contract management solution

Monitor performance and explore and implement change management strategies as needed

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Contracting Services Fact Sheet

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