Administrative & Document Services

A common challenge for law firms and legal departments is the efficient management of the different types and volume of work on any given day. At times, it might even feel like you need an air traffic controller to keep it all moving.

Through the introduction of Integreon resources, process design, and technology, clients can implement a system and access resources able to triage, assign, and expertly manage the workload – on time and cost effectively.

Integreon supports law firms and corporate legal departments with a range of administrative services delivered by highly skilled professionals from dedicated delivery centers in the United States, United Kingdom, India and the Philippines. Our approach enables clients to address such fundamental issues as how to best assign and route tasks to the best and most appropriate resource and how to track and measure turnaround times and quality of work product.

The application of best-in-class technology gives our clients significantly increased efficiency and productivity, enhanced communication, as well as access to insightful project and engagement reporting.

Benefits & Capabilities

Being fully integrated as part of your team, we expertly handle your administrative needs allowing you and your team to focus on higher-value work and benefit from:

  • Access to resources and expanded working hours to yield quicker turnaround times while still achieving the required level of quality
  • Technology as an enabler to improve processes and drive efficiency gains
  • Realization of improved support to attorney ratios
  • Overall cost reductions through use of efficiency gaining resources and technology
  • Our expert technology staff ensures you gain full ROI from current implemented efficiency tools

Services Include:

Legal transcription

Legal word processing

Word processing

Desktop publishing

Editing and proofreading

Document management

Workflow coordination

Administrative support services

Finance & Accounting Administration

(payroll, accounts payable /receivable)

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