Leveraging technology and expert resources to cost-effectively handle a large document review.



Global Financial Services Client



The client was party to a major international litigation related to the manipulation of the foreign exchange market. The starting volume for review was around 1.3 million documents with a 6-month deadline for completion.



Integreon assembled a team of document review experts that after an initial data analysis provided a recommendation for a right-fit technology-assisted review workflow that would cull the review population to save time and cost. The client accepted the team’s recommendation and moved to a Relativity-based continuous active learning workflow.

Through the Integreon QA process, the review team believed that there were documents included in the review set that should have fallen outside of the search parameters. Integreon’s experts investigated and determined that key metadata fields were missing and, therefore, exclusion searches had not worked properly. Working closely with our technology partner, we added approximately three million documents to the search criteria.

This resulted in several hundred thousand documents being added to the review set right before the substantial completion deadline.



  • By utilizing seed sets and CAL models, the Integreon team was able to meet the deadline, despite the additional documents.
  • The client was able to produce documents on a rolling basis to help meet the aggressive timeline.
  • The recommended technology-assisted review resulted in a 54% reduction in volume for review.
  •  Out of a starting volume of 1,361,983 documents, 632,593 documents were reviewed.

The Integreon document review team’s recommended workflow enabled the client and its legal team to comfortably and confidently focus on more critical strategic areas of the litigation.