Building a document review strategy to meet the tightest of deadlines.



Legal 500 Law Firm



The client was party to a large UK litigation relating to a breach of contract claim. The review was complex, and Integreon was instructed to complete the review of 23,000 documents in 18 working days. Additionally, the data had to remain in the UK due to data privacy restrictions.

Following further collection of data, the review volume grew to almost 700,000 documents, and the deadline could only be extended by a few days.



Working closely with the selected technology partner and the client, the Integreon document review team recommended and implemented a prioritized active learning workflow to meet the deadline efficiently and cost-effectively. Integreon put in place a delivery model consisting of three shifts each day. Most likely, relevant and hot documents were reviewed during the day shift by Integreon’s core team of senior reviewers who had originally been put on the project. Other likely relevant documents were reviewed during the second shift by additional senior reviewers added to the team.

Finally, the likely not-relevant documents were reviewed by more junior members of the team during the night shift.



  • Using technology to bifurcate the workflow, alongside round-the-clock shift work, the Integreon team reviewed approximately 500,000 documents in just 9 days.
  • Lower cost resources during the night shift coupled with bifurcation of the workflow resulted in cost savings for the client.


The Integreon document review team’s recommended workflow enabled the client and its legal team to comfortably and confidently focus on more critical strategic areas of the litigation.