Fortune 100 financial services firm reduced risk and costs with a streamlined document review process.


The client

A Fortune 100 global financial services firm that helps people, institutions, and governments raise,
manage, and distribute capital.



Ensuring Compliance and Responding to a Highly Regulated Industry

Financial services is one of the most heavily regulated industries, creating tremendous pressure to respond quickly to ensure compliance. Meeting these demands, along with handling unforeseen litigation and investigations, placed a significant strain on the client’s in-house legal department. In addition, their
global footprint raises challenges relating to data privacy, data security, cross-board data transfer, and related regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In response, the client launched a search for an outsourcing partner with deep financial services compliance
and litigation experience, as well as a proven secure approach for streamlining related processes.



The client selected Integreon’s Managed Document Review (MDR) Services because of the strength of our processes and the quality of our people. The client’s dedicated team of highly experienced review professionals became fully immersed in their business, operations, and preferences. Having such a deep familiarity with the client allows Integreon to quickly deploy additional reviewers from one case to another and scale the team when there are spikes in work with no quality degradation or loss of time for training.

With a dedicated team in place, Integreon took on the Herculean task of expediting an average of 5.2 million documents per year, with the total count of documents reviewed from the beginning of the partnership in 2009 to 2022 standing at 75 million.

Integreon’s follow-the-sun model and global network of legal experts across three continents allow us to review documents in 55+ languages and handle challenging turnaround times.


Types of Cases Handled

• Antitrust litigation
• Arbitration
• Bankruptcy
• CFTC investigation
• Class action lawsuit
• Derivative lawsuit

• Employment
• European Commission investigation
• FED investigation
• FINRA investigation
• FTC investigation

• Indenture litigation
• Internal investigation
• IPOs
• IRS information request
• ISDAFIX matters

• Libel
• Regulatory request
• SEC investigation
• Tax

Managed Document Review Services Provided

• First-level review
• Second-level quality check (QC)
• Privilege review and privilege log creation
• Redactions (such as Personal Identifiable Information)

• Deposition summary support
• Transcription
• Personal device review
• Foreign language review and translation (55+ languages supported)



For over 14 years, Integreon has consistently exceeded expectations and service level agreement (SLA) requirements for speed and accuracy. And having a managed services approach has enabled Integreon to develop a deep understanding of the client’s business and how they prefer to work and communicate.

Since the start of the engagement, the Integreon client team has grown from 10 attorneys in Manila to 30 and from 2 attorneys to 12 in Fargo.

Introduction of a Continuous Learning AI Tool
One project initially had a population of 100,000 documents to be reviewed from the priority set. An early case assessment was conducted to cull non-responsive documents, and we suggested the removal and mass coding of approximately 30,000 of these documents. 

These exclusions were then applied to additional datasets. Seeing the low relevance rate results, Integreon suggested the introduction of an AI-based continuous active learning tool into the review process. This allowed the team to streamline further and complete the review process even faster, thus delivering additional time and cost savings to the client.

Integreon’s ability to leverage technology, improve workflows, reduce documents that require review, and scale resources up or down to respond to client needs has built an enduring 14-year partnership. Recently, Integreon was selected by the client’s outside counsel to assist with the firm’s own ongoing investigations.