Regulatory Events

Keeping your organization prepared and ready to meet and comply with known, evolving, and unexpected regulatory events

Current, on the horizon, or yet to be determined regulatory events can have a dramatic impact on an organization. When these types of events occur, the legal department must move off-of business as usual and onto a plan to ensure compliance.

AI technology is a key enabler for identifying active and inactive agreements, abstracting relevant contract provisions, and pinpointing contract types that will require remediation. Integreon has worked with many of the leading technology solutions and can provide a recommendation or work seamlessly with your preferred technology provider.

Benefits & Capabilities

Integreon is uniquely able to provide compliance professionals, Six-sigma process engineers and deep experience working leading edge technology providers. Together, clients benefit from the right mix of resources, process design, and technology to help shepherd clients to compliance.

Integreon has comprehensive solutions for a variety of regulatory events including:

Brexit Transition Services – No longer a what if or when, Integreon can assess and expedite the process for identifying and remediating impacted contracts.
CCPA Readiness and Response – Establish the right framework to cost effectively comply and respond to requests for personal information
GDPR Readiness and Response – Understand your current situation and develop an approach to support compliance, as well as efficiently and thoroughly respond to data subject access requests (DSAR)
IBOR Transition Services – Determine the scope, resource needs, and comprehensive plan to address the looming and inevitable transition away from IBOR

Services include:

  • Deep experience with leading AI and other relevant technology solutions
  • Ability to support 50+ foreign languages
  • Living contract playbooks and process manuals paired with structured governance
  • Global delivery centers to support scaling at any stage of the project
  • Rigorous quality control, customized for contract remediation engagements

The LIBOR Iceberg is Dead Ahead Now is Time to Start Steering Clear