Managed Document Review Services

Whether clients need comprehensive document review services or on-location staffing, Integreon delivers the experience, flexibility, and operational scale

For more than 20-years, Integreon has delivered rigorous, defensible processes providing predictable, high-quality privilege and responsiveness reviews on a wide range of matter types and complexities. From review centers in the UK, US, India and the Philippines, Integreon can meet client preferences for onshore, offshore, and on-site service delivery and can quickly scale for matters of all sizes. Using experienced document reviewers, Integreon will work with and support end-client or law firm teams to produce high quality, commercially competitive solutions to review tasks.

Benefits & Capabilities

  • A global network of purpose built review centres.
  • World-class foreign language capabilities in over 50 languages.
  • Platform agnostic able to seamlessly work with our clients’ preferred technology provider or recommend a right-sized solution.
  • Bespoke rigorous quality control process and procedures.
  • Available onshore, offshore, on- site and via blended service delivery and flexible pricing models.

Services Include:

Managed Review

Deep experience with first or subsequent stage reviews, redactions, objective or subjective coding in the context of litigation, investigations (regulatory and internal), arbitrations, and Data Subject Access Requests.

Dedicated Review Teams

Dedicated teams deliver high-value services with a greater level of consistency based on their subject matter expertise and familiarity with specific client preferences.

On-Site Reviewers

Provide the advantage of contract reviewers that can be directly managed under the firm’s own review processes.


Technology agnostic able to work with your preferred provider or make a recommendation based on your specific needs and requirements.

People, Processes, Technology:

Our local experts draw on our global team to customize a solution that fits the matter at issue. Combining technology, best practice and human capital, our approach is thorough, practical and defensible. Whether you prefer to work offshore, onshore or a combination of both, our team can scale up to meet your demanding timelines and data security standards.

I was very impressed with the depth and quality of technical support. Because the case was running on our in-house Litigation Support system by Integreon’s Managed Document Review team, we were able to see the workflow and searches first hand as to how they build the quality control process and carry out the cross-checking etc. The consistent make-up of the team, query logs and daily calls meant lawyers were quickly confident in the quality of review and that Integreon understood the lawyer instruction.

Integreon Managed Document Review Brochure