Claire Frazer

Managing Director - Review Solutions Product Management

Based in the United Kingdom, Claire joined Integreon in 2013 and is the product manager for review solutions. In this role, Claire applies her deep expertise and client centric approach to further evolve Integreon document review services. This includes developing new offerings to help clients meet their long-term goals, identifying enabling technologies and workflows, cultivating strategic partnerships, and ultimately ensuring the highest standards for quality client delivery.

Claire has been working in the legal industry since graduating in 2004. She started her career as a paralegal in private practice before moving into the charity sector and, in 2008, Claire went on to be admitted to practice law in England and Wales. Prior to joining Integreon, Claire gained extensive experience in several disciplines, including litigation.

Before redirecting her focus to product management, Claire was responsible for overseeing all document review delivery operations globally. Prior to taking on responsibility for delivery operations, as a project manager, Claire managed a wide range of projects involving complex litigation, regulatory proceedings, and government investigations, for an array of companies and industries, including Fortune 500 clients, large financial institutions and some of the world’s top ranking law firms. Claire’s experience also encompasses many different types of review workflows from basic linear review to complex, analytics driven, workflow solutions.