Interactive Technology Platform Adds New Capabilities to Modernize Content Creation and Delivery

December 9, 2020 – FARGO, ND and LONDON, UK – Integreon, a global managed services provider and leader in creative services delivery, and Turtl, a content creation and automation technology company, today announced a new partnership. Integreon will be using Turtl’s platform in its company’s global Creative and Business Services practice to deliver innovative and compelling digital materials for clients. Integreon’s content designers and production graphics teams will utilize Turtl’s tools to create analytics-informed content deliverables for their growing list of corporate, professional services, and legal clients.

Turtl’s technology rides the wave of digital transformation accelerated by the global pandemic, as in-person meetings have been replaced by online interactions. The solution allows users to create interactive documents (Turtl Docs) in its psychology-based format, which has been scientifically proven by Lumen Research to boost read times by 73% (vs the PDF). Turtl Docs also offer extensive performance analytics and can even track individual reader engagement. These insights can be used to inform a truly personalized approach to digital content, which Turtl’s software facilitates through automation, allowing businesses to create personalized documents at scale in seconds. Turtl’s interactive, immersive, and digital reading experience creates a conversational feel in what has been traditionally a one-way channel – helping businesses build deeper relationships with their clients.

“Turtl provides an innovative way to showcase content for multiple use cases,” remarked Murray Joslin, Executive Vice President of Global Creative Services and Business Enablement at Integreon. “Our new partnership with Turtl underscores Integreon’s commitment to combining the strengths of ideation (right brain) and logic (left brain) to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients. Integreon is always focused on expanding our capabilities and proactively finding innovative partners. We look forward to sharing the powerful combination of Turtl technology and Integreon managed services expertise with the market.”

“The events of this year have catalyzed the need for immersive online content,” said Nick Thomas, Head of Partnerships at Turtl. “Integreon and Turtl will work closely together to ensure businesses have the tools and expertise they need to create meaningful digital touchpoints with their remote audiences.”

Integreon Creative Services has delivery centers in the U.S., UK, India and the Philippines, specializing in high-volume creative services including ideation, brand adaptive design, production graphics, and technology implementation and adoption. Trusted globally by market leading brands across consulting, investment banking, asset management, legal and corporate clients, Integreon delivers innovative approaches to resourcing, workflows and delivery of creative managed services.

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