Skilled SPC Professionals Assess Needs and Deliver Efficient Management of Third-Party Subpoena and Information Requests

June 25, 2019 – WASHINGTON, DC – – Integreon, an innovative leader in alternative legal and business services for law firms and corporations, announced its new Subpoena Processing and Compliance Service (SPC) today. SPC is a new dedicated outsourced team of skilled project managers and attorneys, partnering with companies to receive and reply to incoming third-party subpoena demands.

Educational institutions and corporations in the financial services, insurance, telecommunications, and technology industries face enormous volumes of incoming third-party subpoenas and information requests, often hundreds per day. Left unchecked, the subpoena backlog quickly becomes unmanageable and exposes the company to risk and potential litigation. SPC’s mission is to supplement corporations’ existing teams and eliminate the subpoena backlog, thereby increasing efficiency and upholding compliance for the client company, often doing so in a cost-neutral manner.

The Integreon SPC intake and consulting process is driven by Six Sigma efficiencybased analysis. Initially, the SPC team assesses the client’s current process and subpoena backlog, making comprehensive recommendations where greater speed and cost reduction can improve the status quo. Integreon leverages resources such as workflow and process maps, metrics and dashboards to provide greater consistency, accuracy and transparency. Then, the SPC team delivers triage and validation of subpoena requests and provides quality services to the company’s in-house legal department, providing detailed documentation and monitoring throughout. Integreon’s technical acumen allows SPC team members to track collection, review, QC, redaction and production of responsive data.

“Integreon’s Subpoena Processing and Compliance Service debuts at a pivotal time when financial, insurance, technology and other companies are drowning in subpoena and information requests,” remarked Bob Rowe, CEO of Integreon. “Our SPC team leverages Integreon’s proven Managed Service Delivery Model which combines Six Sigma expertise and repeatable process efficiencies with ability to scale up with U.S.- based and/or offshore resources based on client requirements. In collaboration with the client’s personnel, our professionals effectively eliminate the client’s subpoena backlog and bring more order, efficiency and expert execution to the process.”

Jamie Berry, Managing Director – Legal Services Leader at Integreon, commented, “When Integreon discovered that processing third-party subpoena requests had become a very expensive and growing problem for our clients, we were determined to solve it for them. While competitors viewed this as a routine document review task, Integreon saw it as a legal operations opportunity. Our SPC team has already begun working with corporate legal departments to help them reduce their subpoena backlog and bring efficiency to the process. And, since corporations can charge associated fees to the requester, subpoena processing has potential to not only pay for itself but also to become a substantial revenue generator for the company.”

Robert Daniel, Senior Director – Financial Services Practice Group at Integreon, is one of the SPC team leaders. Daniel noted, “My background in auditing and Six Sigma has been extremely useful to serve subpoena processing clients successfully. At the project outset, we talk to the employees and examine their workflow and procedures in granular detail. Our recommendations and well-trained staff then provide right-sized programs to help clients transform an overwhelmed process into a smooth, productive workflow.”