Tame the third-party subpoena monster with a sound compliance process

In-house counsel for financial services companies, welcome to your ongoing nightmare– the third-party subpoena. Left unattended, this monster can drain corporate resources while masquerading as a necessary cost of business. It’s time to wake up, weaponized, and get this creature under control.

Podcast with Ari Kaplan – The Rapid Transformation to a Remote Global Workforce

Bob Rowe and Jamie Berry spoke with Ari Kaplan to discuss the technology and workflow strategies necessary to rapidly transform a global company into a completely remote workforce, how to effectively protect client-sensitive documents and communications in that environment, and where the legal industry is headed in light of the current crisis.

COVID-19: Integreon Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

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Case Study – Manufacturing

I spoke with Jamie Berry, the litigation business unit leader at Integreon, a global provider of managed services. We discussed Integreon’s new Cyber Incident Response initiative, how cyber incident response differs from cyber or data breach response, the types of matters for which cyber incident response is best suited, and how this area is developing.

Microsoft Podcast

Reshmi Paul Choudhury (Program Manager at Integreon), Danielle Haugland (Director at Integreon), Tony Breidenbach (Vice President at Integreon), Dave Schell (Contracting Process Architect at Microsoft), Rob Greenall (Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation), and Tom Orrison (Director of Legal Operations at Microsoft Corporation) talk about Integreon and Microsoft’s decade of partnership. Integreon is a critical partner for the design and operation of Microsoft’s Global Contracting Office.

Microsoft Case Study

CASE STUDIES Microsoft Case Study A Pioneering Partnership – Microsoft and Integreon celebrate a decade at the forefront of innovation in legal service delivery. When Microsoft selected Integreon to support its Global Contracting Office (GCO) with Contract Lifecycle Management services…