LIBOR: Discovery + Prioritization

Regulatory events experts Laura Dickson, Animesh Kumar, and Dean Nasser talk about how companies are managing their transition from current LIBOR based transactions to new RFR.

Creating a Sound Subpoena Compliance Solution

PODCASTS Creating a Sound Subpoena Compliance Solution Integreon Senior Director, Robert Daniel and Operational Lead, Mark Grant join Lynn Reilly, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Safari Law to share insights and best practices on creating a sound subpoena compliance…

Practical Advice on effectively managing third-party subpoena processing

If not correctly managed, the third-party subpoena can become a legal departments worst case scenario with ever-increasing volume of incoming subpoena, limited to shrinking resources, and the increasing cost of complying. Robert Daniel, Senior Director and Lorna Synan, Strategic Sourcing Manager address these pain points in their recent podcast sharing best practices and insights on how to effectively and efficiently manage third-party subpoenas.

LIBOR is approaching. Are you ready?

Hear from three Integreon experts Laura Dickson, Animesh Kumar, and Dean Nasser with three different perspectives on the looming regulatory deadlines, the opportunities for efficiencies, and role of technology in LIBOR remediation and how we are helping our clients leveraging our LIBOR experts, process and technology solutions. We’ve brought together these three individuals with three different perspectives on the coming changes. .

Cyber Incident Response in the UK

Vice President of Legal Services, Clare Chalkley and Director of Legal Services, Claire Frazer share insights into cyber breaches specifically within the UK, how they have been highly disruptive costing companies over £87 billion and how Integreon can help organizations avoid unnecessary business interruption, reputational damage, and irreversible financial damage.

Podcast with Ari Kaplan – The Rapid Transformation to a Remote Global Workforce

Bob Rowe and Jamie Berry spoke with Ari Kaplan to discuss the technology and workflow strategies necessary to rapidly transform a global company into a completely remote workforce, how to effectively protect client-sensitive documents and communications in that environment, and where the legal industry is headed in light of the current crisis.

Microsoft Podcast

Reshmi Paul Choudhury (Program Manager at Integreon), Danielle Haugland (Director at Integreon), Tony Breidenbach (Vice President at Integreon), Dave Schell (Contracting Process Architect at Microsoft), Rob Greenall (Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation), and Tom Orrison (Director of Legal Operations at Microsoft Corporation) talk about Integreon and Microsoft’s decade of partnership. Integreon is a critical partner for the design and operation of Microsoft’s Global Contracting Office.