Controlling eDiscovery Litigation, Arbitration and Investigation Review Costs When Emerging from a Recession

As we attempt to clamber out of recession, the increased pressure corporate clients are under to achieve more for less, might lead to expectations that their law firms carry out what is perceived to be one of the most expensive parts of the legal process in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Unfortunately, law firms and their clients don’t always see the world in the same way

Case Study – Manufacturing

I spoke with Jamie Berry, the litigation business unit leader at Integreon, a global provider of managed services. We discussed Integreon’s new Cyber Incident Response initiative, how cyber incident response differs from cyber or data breach response, the types of matters for which cyber incident response is best suited, and how this area is developing.

Managed Document Review for Law Firms Fact Sheet

LEGAL SERVICES Managed Document Review for Law Firms Fact Sheet Integreon does not practice law — that’s what you do Integreon does, however, provide a predictable cost-effective approach to managed document review. As law firms seek innovative ways to increase…

Managed Document Review Brochure

LEGAL SERVICES Managed Document Review Brochure Integreon has experience in conducting document reviews in multiple languages and in different business sectors for various purposes , including litigation, arbitration, investigation. MANAGED DOCUMENT REVIEW Related Services All Case Studies Solutions What We…

Integreon Alternative Legal Services Survey Report 2019

BUSINESS ENABLEMENT SERVICES Integreon Alternative Legal ServicesSurvey Report 2019 Managed legal services continues to substantially impact the practice of lawand corporate business as priorities and regulations shift, but to what extent, and why? To better understand our clients and to…