A challenging but exciting change is fast approaching in the world of eDiscovery. For all legal professionals, it’s critical that they leverage the benefits of technology for efficiency and early insights into data while also maintaining robust and defensible data management. Learn more about the pivotal shift in the eDiscovery landscape during an exclusive webcast on the transformative role of Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs).

Join industry experts as they unravel the evolving significance of ALSPs, moving beyond conventional notions of cost efficiency and scalability.

Key Highlights:

  • The New eDiscovery Landscape: Dive into the dynamic changes driven by AI evolution and the emergence of complex data types. Learn how these factors are shaping the future of eDiscovery.
  • Strategic Value of ALSPs: Understand how ALSPs bring not just cost efficiency and scale, but invaluable expertise crucial to the current legal landscape, ensuring attorneys can focus on the advice and case management their clients/organizations expect.
  • Lessons from the UK and US: Explore recent failures in eDiscovery processes and extract valuable insights for navigating pitfalls.
  • End-to-End vs. Best-in-Breed: Delve into the debate of choosing between comprehensive eDiscovery partners and specialized best-in-breed options.
  • Q&A Session: Engage with panelists as they address your queries on the evolving eDiscovery landscape.

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