Microsoft Podcast

Business of Law Podcast-Integreon and Microsoft Legal Operations discuss long-term partnership Reshmi Paul Choudhury (Program Manager at Integreon), Danielle Haugland (Director at Integreon), Tony Breidenbach (Vice President at Integreon), Dave…

Right Brain + Left Brain = Visual Creativity Produced Daily Delivered On Time, On Brand and On Budget

Authors: Murray Joslin and Ricky Sanjana

The theory that people are primarily either left-brained (more analytical and methodical) or right-brained (more artistic or creative) has provoked discussion for many years. However, the theory is founded on the premise that one side of the human brain is dominant while the other is less capable. Global Head of Business Enablement Services, Murray Joslin and Vice President of Business Enablement Services, Ricky Sanjana explain how at Integreon we have proven you can be both!

Pensar Report: The Future of Legal Services

Authors: Ben Edwards and James Mayer

Insightful commentary from CEO, Bob Rowe and VVP of Contracts, Compliance and Commercial, Jeffrey Catanzaro in Pensar’s recent report on The Future of Legal Services.

LIBOR Support Services Fact Sheet

Interbank Offered Rates (IBORs) such as the London interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) have long served as benchmarks for a multitude of financial products and contractual agreements. This is all about…