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Leadership Team


  • Al McNee

    Al McNee

    Executive Vice President, Business Enablement Services

  • Alma Asay

    Alma Asay

    Chief Innovation Officer, Legal Solutions

  • Anshu Gupta

    Anshu Gupta

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Bob Rowe

    Bob Rowe

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Brian Houk

    Brian Houk

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Jamie Berry

    Jamie Berry

    Managing Director, Litigation Services

  • Julie Laufenberg

    Julie Laufenberg

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

  • Mark Ross

    Mark Ross

    Executive Vice President, Contracts, Compliance and Commercial

  • Richard Levine

    Richard Levine

    President, Corporate Services

  • Sanjeev Jain

    Sanjeev Jain

    Chief Information Officer