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GDPR Contract Management Compliance


Integreon offers a full suite of legal outsourcing solutions to help reduce compliance overhead costs while making programs more productive, comprehensive and effective. For GDPR compliance, Integreon focuses on structural data analysis and delivering contract remediation solutions through two key offerings:

GDPR Practitioners Consulting

We help you understand your data in “GDPR terms” and how that data flows within your organization. From there, we identify your status and progress toward GDPR compliance, what additional steps need to be taken, key stakeholders and timelines. Based on these findings, we can also provide training for your teams and ongoing GDPR business support.

GDPR Contract Management Services

Our end-to-end contract lifecycle management support services include the following modules:

  • Discovery of all GDPR impacted live contracts and determining scope and priority – leveraging AI tools for abstraction and summarization
  • Analysis of client and vendor contracts in terms of GDPR compliance
  • Contract amendment/remediation playbook design
  • Review, drafting, redlining and negotiation of GDPR-specific amendments within existing contracts
  • Drafting of GDPR addenda as a supplement to existing contracts
  • Remediating/negotiating client and third party contracts
  • Project management and ongoing GDPR Practitioners support