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Contract Lifecycle Management


Integreon is the market leader in technology enabled Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) services.

From delivery centers across 3 continents, Integreon provides leading corporations with award winning, multi-lingual services throughout the entire contracting lifecycle.

  • 1 mill
    Over 1 million contracts drafted, reviewed and negotiated
  • 50+
    languages supported

Our subject matter experts, contract management specialists and delivery teams are experienced with the leading third-party CLM platforms, including: Apttus, iCertis, SpringCM, Determine, Conga, Ariba, Onit, SciQuest,  Corridor and ThinkSmart, as well as in the consultation, design, implementation and database management of these systems.

We also employ specialized AI tools such as Seal Software for automated contract data abstraction and contract analytics.

Through a competitive process, Integreon was chosen as a content partner for the ACC Legal Operations Maturity Model Toolkit and has delivered an excellent set of resources to help law departments advance in contract lifecycle management.
Catherine Moynihan, Associate Vice President Association of Corporate Counsel.

Service Offerings

  • We provide leading corporations with expert contract management specialists, delivering measurable value. From staff augmentation to fully outsourced managed legal services, Integreon adopts a right-sourcing approach to our contract drafting and negotiation services. Our blended-shore model triages work to the appropriate delivery center and resources, with considerations for language requirements, risk, complexity, turnaround time and scale.

    Services include:

    • General Commercial Buy-side and Sell-side contract drafting, redlining, negotiation and obligations management in more than 50 languages.
    • Trade Derivatives and Finance Documentation Business as Usual.
    • Regulatory driven contract repapering (e.g. GDPR, Brexit, MiFID II, LIBOR).

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  • Faced with trigger events such as the move to a new CLM platform, the integration of an acquired organization’s contract portfolio, internal audits, and regulatory compliance requirements, Integreon helps corporate legal departments review and analyze information from large volumes of legacy contracts. We leverage industry leading AI technology to speed up and reduce the cost, and to help provide our clients with contract portfolio data analytics. Services include:

    • CLM platform migration.
    • Regulatory review (e.g. GDPR, Brexit, MiFID II, LIBOR).
    • Post-acquisition contract portfolio integration.
    • Internal contract portfolio audits.
    • Contract portfolio data analytics.

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  • Our highly experienced contract management consulting team partners with corporate legal departments to improve, transform and drive efficiencies in to their contracting function. Our contract management consultants have experience in business process improvements, and technology tools design and implementation. We help deconstruct and reengineer contracting processes using Lean and Six Sigma techniques, apply best practices and flexible resources, and optimize the mix and utilization of technology. We analyze which aspects of work done by lawyers and support staff add value and which should be eliminated, automated, or delivered by alternative resources. Services include:

    • Best-in-class contract playbook design.
    • Contract process reengineering.
    • CLM, AI and contract workflow technology identification, selection and implementation.

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