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Brexit Readiness Services


On Friday 20th March, 2019 the UK will be exiting the EU. Integreon offers corporations proactive and technology enabled services designed to minimize the impact of Brexit on our clients’ contractual relationships. Integreon is a market leader in contract regulatory compliance and remediation services.

Integreon’s contract management SMEs help corporations assess their existing contractual population understanding that Brexit impacts a host of contractual clauses including: choice of law and jurisdiction, force majeure, payment terms and currency provisions, contracting parties and performance obligations.


Our end-to-end contract lifecycle management support services include the following modules:

  • Discovery of all Brexit impacted live contracts and determining scope and priority – leveraging AI tools for abstraction and summarizatio
  • Analysis of client and vendor contracts in terms of Brexit compliance
  • Contract amendment/remediation playbook design
    Review, drafting, redlining and negotiation of Brexit-specific amendments within existing contracts
  • Drafting of Brexit addenda as a supplement to existing contracts
  • Remediating/negotiating client and third party contracts
    Project management and ongoing Brexit compliance support