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Financial services firms have many and exacting research requirements, with long-term decisions riding on the results. Integreon analysts are experts in researching, analyzing and reporting on companies and industries from an investor’s perspective.

Our investment analysts include qualified MBAs, CFAs or Chartered Accountants who have work experience with global investment banks and research firms.

Integreon analysts have industry-standard backgrounds and training, and frequently work alongside client analysts. We source historical and projected financials from public filings and other reputable sources, and use them to provide fast and accurate turnaround for high volumes of financial research, freeing your staff to pursue higher-level core functions. We also build financial models for individual companies using historical and projected data to generate P/E, EBIT, EBITDA, cash flow multiples, and discounted cash flow (DCF) and leveraged buy-out (LBO) models.

In additional to quantitative analysis, our team is skilled at reviewing company and industry developments in order to understand the story behind the numbers. Tying these developments to historical or future financial performance provides a clear picture of the value of an asset or investment.

  • 250+
    financial models for nearly 400 companies
  • 2100
    flash reports across 15 sectors

Service Offerings

  • Integreon offers broad ranging basic research and analytics services to support high volumes of relatively standardized requests for information on markets, acquisition targets, financial statements and comparables.

    Our basic research and analytics services include:

    • Market and Industry trackers: We offer daily, weekly, and quarterly monitors and newsletters that provide timely, curated views of events and data on a particular topic or industry.
    • Target screening: Identifying and comparing potential licensing and acquisition targets across financial and non-financial parameters to prioritize and select among options.
    • Standardized comparables modeling: Consolidating operating and valuation data on a set of comparable companies or transactions to provide valuation context.
    • Financial statement analysis: Providing an understanding of the key drivers of a company’s historical and potential future financial performance.
    • Earnings trackers and newsletters: Consolidating key data and commentary based on earnings results.
  • Integreon’s advanced research and analytics services incorporate a wide range of information sources and analytical tools, enabling us to address ambiguous questions or tackle complex analytical challenges.

    Integreon offers the following advanced research and analytics services, including:

    • Equity/credit research: Providing initiation and maintenance reports on publicly-traded instruments to support “buy”, “sell” or “hold” recommendations.
    • Valuation analysis: Developing comparable company or transaction valuation metrics and identifying key factors that influence valuations. We can also apply these factors to a new company or transaction to support a proposed valuation.
    • Pitch book development: Incorporating data and analytics that can span economic and industry trends, comparables and valuations, stock market performance, and company profiles in a client-ready format for pitching new business.
    • Capital structure analysis: Consolidating debt and equity analytics to provide a complete view on their implications to operating metrics and the potential risks and returns to debt and equity holders.
    • Funding gap analysis: Reviewing a company’s operating history and prospects, in combination with debt and equity structures, to determine potential financing needs.
    • Capital market views and capital efficiency analysis:Analysis of the risk and potential rewards associated with an investment category to identify potentially attractive investments.
    • Analysis for new investment opportunities in emerging countries: We provide detailed qualitative and quantitative analytics in emerging markets, where standardized data is often less available and less reliable.
    • Detailed product/market research: Profile of a product or market opportunity, including macro- and industry-trends, customer segmentation and potentially proprietary survey data on customer behavior and unmet needs.

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