Content is king. This statement made famous by Bill Gates in 1996 still rings true with every passing day.
We all know that today’s customers want meaningful and engaging content at every step of their buying journey to stay informed, navigate crowded marketplaces and make informed decisions.

Yet how many of us don’t really understand the science behind what makes for “great” content? How many of us are clear on the true value of gaining reader attention and how to maintain it? And how many of us really understand the underlying psychology behind content engagement and influence?

Join Nick Mason, CEO and Founder at Turtl, for a fascinating look at the psychology of attention and how to apply these principles to your business content to engage and persuade your audience.

Nick Mason will be joined by Nick Thomas, VP of Partnerships at Turtl, to discuss how psychology led to the beginnings of Turtl, innovations in content that make teams more agile and effective, and how leading B2B businesses are using Turtl to increase performance and engagement across marketing and sales.