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Success Stories

Library and Information Services

for a UK Law Firm

When the client wanted to offer high-quality library and information services to its lawyers, we worked closely with them to ensure a smooth, rapid transition to an affordable, best in class solution.

  • scale
    Without Integreon the client lacked the scale and budget to get what they needed
  • speed
    Integreon were able to be up and running very quickly
  • The firm engaged Integreon based on its proven expertise in providing high quality, cost-effective shared library services, its reputation for continuous improvement and the availability of multi-shore solutions options.
  • Integreon worked closely with the client to ensure a smooth, rapid transition and complete knowledge transfer including mapping processes, reviewing documentation, coordinating with the client’s IT team to ensure appropriate access rights and addressing anticipated challenges.
  • With Integreon, the firm now has access to a comprehensive support network of information specialists drawn from diverse backgrounds and rich experience with leading law firms.
  • The client achieved cost savings immediately, compared with their previous in-house solution.
  • The program was live within eight weeks, giving the client access to affordable world-class support, faster service and broader domain expertise.
  • When this three-year contract closed, the client subsequently renewed its contract with Integreon for a further three years and expanded its service to include business research.
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