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Fortune 250 Sports Retailer

Ongoing Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Review

In late 2015, following a rigorous RFP process, this Fortune 250 company engaged Integreon to support ongoing contract drafting, negotiation and abstraction services. The in-scope agreements include NDAs, MSAs and SOWs. In addition to contract drafting, redlining, and negotiation, Integreon is also supporting contract data extraction and storage within the client’s chosen contract management system. No documentation initially existed for any of the processes, so Integreon worked with the client to develop contract management solutions tailored to the client’s use of an LPO. The client’s complex internal structure required Integreon’s workflow design to be highly nuanced.

Integreon has successfully rolled out NDA negotiations and redlining, and is now expanding into MSAs. The client has been consistently pleased with Integreon’s work to date and has expanded the anticipated services to include other agreement types and geographies, including foreign language contract drafting, negotiation and review.

Ongoing Contract Abstraction, Contract Storage and Apttus CLM Platform Clean-Up

While the client had already implemented the Apttus CLM tool by the time it had engaged Integreon, many of the company’s contracts still sat outside it or were not linked to the proper contracting party inside the tool. The client determined that, from a compliance perspective, as a public company, it needed to know where all of its contracts were and be able to access them on demand. In addition, the company generated over 30,000 new contracts annually and wanted to make sure that all of these new contracts were uploaded properly within the tool.

Consequently, the client outsourced these tasks to Integreon as part of its contract management function. The Integreon team now works directly within the Apttus CLM tool to extract critical data from all legacy contracts, as well as newly-executed agreements, in both English and multiple foreign languages. The client has also engaged Integreon to go through every contracting party’s account in its Apttus CLM tool to validate the account data and ensure that all related agreements are linked to the correct accounts in the tool.

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The client is so pleased with the program that it has sent legal executives to their offices all over the globe to advertise the program’s existence and demonstrate how to properly submit contracts to the Integreon team.

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