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Success Stories

E-Discovery Support for a Medical Device Manufacturer

When a medical device manufacturer needed end-to-end e-discovery support for 15 TB of data, Integreon provided dual-shore solution for collections, processing, hosting and review to deliver results ahead of the court’s aggressive schedule.

As linear review costs grew, Integreon presented creative technical solutions that further limited the number of documents evaluated.

  • 15 TB
    of data processed from servers and employee computers
  • 95%
    cull rate for reduction of documents to review

Integreon provided data mapping and data reduction consulting, along with forensic consulting, to develop a collection plan and minimize data discovery, processing and review costs. In addition, Integreon’s senior forensic analyst provided testimony on the defensibility of data collection processes and the certification of our data collection means.

Integreon implemented a dual-shore team across three delivery centers, enabling around-the-clock, follow-the-sun service. This helped the client meet the court’s aggressive response deadlines while controlling costs.

As data volumes grew and costs rose on the onshore linear review of 1.6 million documents, Integreon developed creative solutions, including technology-assisted review workflows, that limited the number of documents reviewed. These solutions ensured consistent work product across first-level review teams and quality control, and ensured that each delivery center remained consistent under the protocol’s guidelines.

Integreon’s best practices in data reduction achieved a 95% cull rate, significantly reducing the costs of document review, while our global delivery platform helped the client meet an aggressive deadline. Over time, our technology-assisted workflows enabled greater consistency across our delivery centers and further lowered costs. In court, Integreon’s expert testimony helped ensure the client’s discovery processes were considered defensible.

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