COVID-19: Work from Home (WFH) Solution

Integreon is ON So You Can Be Too

COVID-19 has drastically changed business on an international scale with no organization immune to its impact. Around the world, corporations and law firms have had to quickly shift to new working models, technologies, modes of communication, and company strategies to support “business as usual”.

Commitment to Employee and Client Well-being

With delivery centers in the United States, United Kingdom, India, and the Philippines, COVID-19 has meant shifting our 3,000+ employees to a work from home (WFH) solution for their well-being while maintaining client expectations and requirements for quality, security, and productivity.

We are proud to say, our global workforce is ON and fully equipped to support your Legal, Contracting, Risk and Regulatory, and Business Enablement services needs worldwide.

Ready, Willing, and Secure

Our services often require access to sensitive and confidential data relating to litigations, cybersecurity incidents, contracting terms, and compliance inquiries. To meet our clients’ rigorous standards, Integreon offers a highly secure work-from-home (WFH) solution. With client approval, Integreon is able to deliver the same standard of quality, productivity, and security our clients expect.

Whether facing new challenges or seeking an innovative approach to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality, Integreon’s interdisciplinary teams of lawyers, paralegals, six-sigma process engineers, contract professionals, graphic designers, and document processors are poised and ready to help from secure WFH environments.

Essential questions to ask your ALSP

What technologies are used to ensure a secure work from home environment?

How is quality and productivity monitored?

How many professionally accredited resources are available and able to work remotely and collaboratively?

How is confidentiality of work product and related materials maintained and enforced?

Is there a BCP plan in place and how has it performed?

COVID-19 has created a universe of new issues, as well as made what was business as usual, even more challenging. Here are just a few ways Integreon is helping clients shift to a steady state now, and prepare for the future:

Contracting & Regulatory Events Services

The fundamental question is, how can organizations determine contractual risk and better prepare? The answer is not just legal in nature, but needs to address business relationships before, during, and in a post COVID-19 world. Through a combination of process, technology and a global footprint of contract specialists and trained lawyers, Integreon is ON and ready to help.

Legal Services

Integreon’s WFH legal services solution provides enhanced security features for managed document review, cyber incident notification list development, DSAR responses, and investigations:

Business Enablement Services

Whether you need quick access to legal document or administrative support, design, or research resources, Integreon has experienced professionals equipped to work as an extension of your team or management of a complete scope of services:

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