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February 28, 2018 News

Integreon’s New Allegory Dashboard Upends the Age-Old Inside and Outside Counsel Collaboration Challenge


New Enhancements Enable Unmatched Evidence Management, Seamless Communication and Litigation Insights

NEW YORK–Complex commercial litigation matters generally require corporate counsel to keep apprised of numerous related cases and the activities of many law firms – ranging from local counsel to coordinating counsel – and the evidence, pleadings and work product used in those cases. Managing this information across law firms with disparate systems and inefficient practices is cumbersome, resulting in a litigation process that is wasteful, frustrating and laborious for legal departments.

With solving this quandary in mind, Integreon, a leading global alternative services provider, today unveiled a new evidence management dashboard for its Allegory users, empowering inside and outside counsel to work in a true collaborative environment with the ability to analyze all of the case information for a matter or across matters on a single platform and in context. Integreon’s technology combined with its unrivalled human capital, makes legal departments and outside counsel greater than they were before – a combination that provides the legal industry with unprecedented evidence management to help large corporations manage complex litigation.

“There is an enormous need, particularly in larger litigation, for corporate counsel and their law firms to work in a collaborative environment with the ability to analyze all of the evidence in context,” said Bob Rowe, CEO of Integreon. “Integreon is the only holistic evidence management platform custom-built to tackle the full range of challenges inside and outside counsel experience when working together.”

The new Allegory dashboard includes a Key Events overview and Tasks and Deadlines module to provide deep insight into the day-to-day activity within a case for the entire litigation team. The new design is based on feedback from corporate counsel and law firms about what functionalities they need most.

“This is just the first step toward a completely new user interface that, at a high level, ensures we are keeping up with what’s important to clients,” said Alma Asay, chief innovation officer at Integreon. “When we started designing the new dashboard, our core mission was to alleviate the miscommunications that can happen during litigation. In-house counsel can now log in and can see what’s happening across their cases at any time.”

For example, with the new dashboard, users can see how many depositions happened in the last week, what the most analyzed document is in a given case and other day-to-day tasks and functions that are typically out of reach for inside counsel. The new dashboard allows in-house and outside counsel to stay unified on tasks and deadlines, similar to what a customer relationship management (CRM) platform offers sales professionals. In just five minutes, you can see what the litigation team has been up to all day – an incredibly valuable tool for partners, litigation associates, in-house counsel and paralegals alike.

“Integreon’s technology and process facilitate both collaboration and context. Without that, you are driving up your costs, you are looking at things in a vacuum and acting on assumptions that could be invalid. This is the only holistic evidence management system performed in a collaborative environment. That’s the true power of this platform,” Rowe added. “By leveraging Integreon’s evidence management experts, in-house counsel will no longer have to deal with the messy, inefficient process typically associated with complex litigation matters.”


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