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October 25, 2018 Insights

Brian Houk on The Big Four,

Big Law and ALSPs

By: Brian Houk

Everyone is talking about the Big Four joining forces with global law firms and its threat to Big Law.  

The subject has become so entertaining that one has to step back before realizing: the likes of recent deals such as  Ernst & Young/Riverview and PwC/Fragomen have little to do with law firms at all. Although it’s not being told, these deals are really a story about the Big Four’s interest on the territory of ALSPs.

So where do alternative legal service providers like Integreon fit in? Alternative legal service providers have characteristics that are uniquely appealing to accounting firms. Leaders at Integreon spend a lot of time focusing on how to change legal services for the better—how to help law firms and others be more efficient, deliver better outcomes for clients, and find opportunity in seismic events like the interest of the Big Four. 

Brian Houk, Chief Revenue Officer, provides more insight into this increasingly important subject with Corporate Counsel and Bloomberg. Read article | Listen to podcast 

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