Creating a Sound Subpoena Compliance Solution

PODCASTS Creating a Sound Subpoena Compliance Solution Integreon Senior Director, Robert Daniel and Operational Lead, Mark Grant joins Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Safari Law to share insights and best practices on creating a sound subpoena compliance solution. Listen…

Cyber Incident Response in the UK

Vice President of Legal Services, Clare Chalkley and Director of Legal Services, Claire Frazer share insights into cyber breaches specifically within the UK, how they have been highly disruptive costing companies over £87 billion and how Integreon can help organizations avoid unnecessary business interruption, reputational damage, and irreversible financial damage.

Top Five Ways to Improve Your Subpoena Processing

RISK & COMPLIANCE Top Five Ways to Improve Your Approach to Subpoena Processing Organizations that receive, process, and respond to large volumes of 3rd-party subpoenas and other information requests often are challenged by not having an established end-to-end workflow and…

Regulatory & Compliance Readiness: The Struggle is Real

With multiple regulatory and compliance events happening and more on the horizon, companies of all sizes and complexity are having to quickly respond and adhere to new rules and requirements. In turn, organizations are rethinking how they achieve and maintain compliance through sound readiness strategies and planning.

Tame the third-party subpoena monster with a sound compliance process

In-house counsel for financial services companies, welcome to your ongoing nightmare– the third-party subpoena. Left unattended, this monster can drain corporate resources while masquerading as a necessary cost of business. It’s time to wake up, weaponized, and get this creature under control.

Distinguishing Responses to Cyber Incidents and Data Breaches

RISK & COMPLIANCE Distinguishing Responses to Cyber Incidents and Data Breaches I spoke with Jamie Berry, the litigation business unit leader at Integreon, a global provider of managed services. We discussed Integreon’s new Cyber Incident Response initiative, how cyber incident…

Integreon Reveals Service Focused on Subpoena Processing and Compliance

RISK & COMPLIANCE Integreon Launches Subpoena Processing and Compliance Service (SPC) to Assist Corporate Legal Departments Skilled SPC Professionals Assess Needs and Deliver Efficient Management of Third-Party Subpoena and Information Requests June 25, 2019 – WASHINGTON, DC – – Integreon,…

CIR Consolidated Entity List Fact Sheet

RISK & COMPLIANCE CIR Consolidated Entity List Fact Sheet When your client’s data is compromised, you need a partner that can provide both the speed and accuracy required to create a clean Consolidated Entity List to meet incredibly challenging deadlines….

LIBOR Support Services Fact Sheet

RISK & COMPLIANCE LIBOR Support Services Fact Sheet Interbank Offered Rates (IBORs) such as the London interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) have long served as benchmarks for a multitude of financial products and contractual agreements. This is all about to change….