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The Power to Win any Case

Allegory helps you win by automating everyday litigation tasks, connecting your case from every angle, and giving you the answers you need at your fingertips. 

Allegory links everything you need to win your case

Case documents – Never lose key arguments and analyses from case documents such as Correspondence, Work Product and Filings.

Case administration – Manage all your cases from one easy-to-use dashboard and simple case home pages, accessible from anywhere.

Witnesses – At-a-glance witness pages and automatic linking to key witness materials make managing witnesses simple and accurate.

Evidence – Maximize every piece of evidence, from key documents to deposition testimony, by easily cross-referencing details.

  • Allegory as a cloud-based service is hosted on Amazon Web Services, a recognized leader in cloud computing services, including for organizations such as NASA, the FDA, and Pfizer.  We also offer a private cloud option with Allegory hosted by Integreon, as well as the option to install Allegory onsite behind your own firewall.

    Among other security measures, Allegory is protected by a virtual private network, multi-factor authentication, encryption in transit, encryption at rest, multi-tenant databases, complex passwords, inactivity time-outs, backups and recovery systems, testing and error reporting, continuous monitoring and updating, and Information, Organization, and Asset Security Policies.

    We are happy to work with you to ensure that your use of our services meets the requirements and recommendations of your state ethics opinions on cloud computing, compiled by the American Bar Association Law Practice Division.

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  • Allegory goes where boxes of case files cannot.  From in-flight to court hearings to out-of-office meetings and everything in between, expect unrivaled access to your entire case – wherever the day takes you.  Your case teams are more effective and focused with the ability to access case documents, deadlines, and key facts wherever and however they need.

    Beyond your current cases, Allegory helps your organization avoid losing critical knowledge from past cases.  From day one until long after a case ends, you retain access to even the smallest details to ensure you are always moving forward and never reinventing the wheel.

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  • Whether you are a paralegal looking to deliver binders when the case team needs them, or a law firm trying to win a new matter, Allegory delivers efficiency and predictability that will get you noticed.  Allegory automates every day litigation tasks like creating binders, orders of proof, and summarizing depositions, enabling faster and more predictable delivery of services.

    In addition to automated litigation tasks, Allegory delivers a unique Dashboard that allows everyone on your team to keep a pulse on progress.  Out-of-office no longer means out of the loop.  Easily view and analyze your team’s progress even when you’re away from your desk.

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  • We know that accuracy wins cases, so we made it easier to find facts faster – even in the most heated cases.  Allegory gives you access to key information from multiple angles by linking every part of your case, allowing you to develop the most precise argument possible. 

    Allegory is the one centralized platform that integrates and streamlines what matters to winning your case, so all your bases are covered at every step.  No more missed deadlines, clerical oversights, or leaving out key arguments.

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  • When your team members work in Allegory, every person touching the case has the latest updates and insights at their fingertips.  Allegory empowers case teams to get more done with fewer calls, e-mails, and in-person meetings.

    When your case is in Allegory, you push perspectives further and build more compelling stories by building on the entire team’s knowledge.  Share and align on insights as if you were in the same room simply by logging in.

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Allegory enables my teams to focus on winning our cases rather than wasting hours chasing after the same information over and over again.
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