Integreon’s eView™ application is a market-leading, highly scalable, secure, and specialized review tool that is field-proven by the world’s leading law firms and corporate legal departments. eView enables you to better manage the workflow, productivity, and quality of large, complex projects. You can choose to utilize just our hosting infrastructure or package it with services provided by our experienced reviewers and project managers. eView delivers:

  • Built-in analytics – Enables project leaders to assess data collections prior to the start of reviews to determine the most efficient workflow and approach for managing each project.
  • Intelligent review process – Unlike some systems that force you to adopt a pre-configured, one-size-fits-all approach, eView offers project leaders their choice of workflows.
  • Technology-assisted review – eView can expedite the review process with Integreon’s Adaptive Coding technology for automated coding of large document sets based on their conceptual nature. 
  • Integrated privilege management – Improves efficiency by automatically generating privilege logs while reviewers work.
  • In-depth reporting – Managers can assess the real-time progress of all their document review projects as well as the progress of specific teams and individual reviewers.

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