White Papers & Reports

White Papers


  • 2012 Executive Insights: Europe
    This report from Grail Research, Integreon’s strategic research unit, is based on interviews with industry thought leaders in Europe and provides a ‘temperature reading’ on the issues executives are facing, as well as insight into the broader dynamics of the market and economic climate.
  • The Green Evolution
    This report from Grail Research, Integreon’s strategic research unit, is based on a nationwide survey of US consumers regarding sustainability and ‘green’ products. The report provides insights into how the green market has changed since our 2009 report and highlights areas for success in today’s green market.
  • Benchmarker Report on UK LPO Trends (LegalWeek)
    This report published by LegalWeek in association with Integreon provides results from a research survey on legal process outsourcing trends in the UK. Integreon provides additional insight in a blog post about the report.
  • Cloud Computing: Fact versus Fog (Grail Research)
    This cloud computing “primer,” written by Grail Research, Integreon’s strategic research business unit, explores the current state of cloud computing, obstacles to business adoption and expectations for the future.
  • Partnering for Performance: Knowledge Process Outsourcing (Aberdeen)
    This report from Aberdeen Group explains how companies have improved operations and profits  by migrating high-end, knowldge-intensive work to the right outsourcing provider.
  • VIP Report: Survey on Outsourcing (FreePint)
    Integreon and FreePint jointly designed a survey to assess industry perceptions about the importance of outsourcing, barriers to adoption, and the satisfaction level of organizations currently practicing outsourcing.
  • Sourcing Prism Report on Legal Services Outsourcing (ValueNotes)
    This report is designed to serve as a guide to understanding vendor capabilities by examining differences in offering, depth, maturity, scale, and strategy.