Integreon’s Lunch-and-Learn series educates legal teams on innovations and best practices for efficiently managing legal and e-discovery obligations. We bring lunch so you don’t have to leave the office. If your organization is interested in any of the following sessions or has suggestions for future topics, please contact us at

  • Best Practices in Document Review
    If there is a lot riding on the outcome of litigation, there is a lot riding on the manner in which discovery, and by extension, document review, is conducted. This educational session will help attendees better understand how to define consistent practices and processes for managing document review in a manner that balances efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Ethics of Legal Outsourcing
    The outsourcing of core legal and support services isn’t a new idea. What is different today is the potential to outsource to third party legal process outsourcing (LPO) providers in both onshore and offshore locations, including India and the Philippines. This educational session covers key issues to help lawyers engaging in or contemplating LPO to understand the ethical and legislative requirements and make the appropriate decisions. This course is CLE ethics credit eligible and CPD accredited in the UK. See CPD Course Brochure.
  • Collecting and Preserving ESI in the Cloud
    Savvy litigators, IT and e-discovery professionals are now developing policies and data collection plans to proactively address the challenges posed by cloud computing and Web 2.0 technologies. This educational session will highlight the essential issues and their implications for e-discovery management.
  • Data Analytics: Defensibly Reducing Discovery Costs
    The most costly stage of the discovery process is document review. To contain costs, many experts recommend reducing the amount of data that goes into review. This educational session provides insights into how data analytics can defensibly reduce data volumes.
  • Best Practices for Collecting and Culling ESI
    As the legal and technology landscape continues to evolve, organizations face increasingly stringent standards for the collection and culling of electronically stored information (ESI). This educational session highlights technology-enabled solutions and processes that can help avoid discovery pitfalls and meet requirements.
  • Best Practices for Early Case Assessment
    Early Case Assessment (ECA) can help drive strategic decisions earlier in the litigation process, before significant discovery costs are incurred. It also sets the stage for a more efficient e-discovery process, should the case be pursued. This educational session will highlight applicable ECA case law, deliverables, and recommended best practices.
  • Managing Costs and Obligations for E-Discovery
    With a clear understanding of each stage of the discovery process, legal and IT professionals can apply pre-litigation planning strategies to contain costs and manage risks. This educational session provides critical insight into the e-discovery process, obligations, and how to best prepare for and manage the costs associated with it.
  • Meet and Confer: Application of FRCP 26(f)
    FRCP 26(f) requires litigants to come to the Meet and Confer prepared to discuss all forms of ESI and to negotiate the production of responsive data based on considerations of time, risk and cost. This educational session will help attendees better prepare for Meet and Confer by understanding the impact that Meet and Confer decisions can have at each point in the discovery process.
  • E-Discovery for Backup Tapes: Easing the Burden
    E-discovery experts consider backup tapes to be one of the most challenging sources of electronically stored information (ESI). This educational session will highlight tape discovery technology advances and the impact that technology decisions can have on discovery costs and timelines.

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