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Disclaimer Regarding Practice of Law

Integreon is not authorized to practice law in any jurisdiction nor to provide legal services that are, by virtue of regulation, statute, or rule, solely within the domain of practicing attorneys. Under no circumstance will Integreon (including its employees, contractors or affiliated parties) be expected or required to engage in the practice of law during the provision of any services it provides. If Integreon is providing services to a client that are related to legal matters, we require our clients to agree and acknowledge that such services will be solely in support of our client’s internal and/or external legal counsel and that Integreon is in no way providing legal advice or opinions to our client or any other third party regarding any matter. Integreon makes clear in its engagements that its clients and their counsel shall be solely and ultimately responsible for delivering legal advice to their own internal or external clients, and any legal support services provided by Integreon shall be subject to the supervision and final approval of a client’s internal and/or external counsel responsible for the matter.